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Welcome to the web site of MHA Integrated Electronic Services Ltd (MHA Int-Elect), a leading designer and supplier of electronic products and a specialist supplier of printed circuit boards.

Product Development Division

Our engineers have considerable experience in working closely with customers - large and small - to take new ideas for products through to series production in carefully controlled stages. These include creating the definitive specification, designing the hardware and software, prototyping and proving, productionisation and obtaining regulatory approvals.

Through our global manufacturing partners, we are then able to supply the finished products from any part of the world to any part of the world.

Many companies treat us an an integral part of thier own Product Development, Project Management and Procurement functions; entrusting Design Engineering, Manufacturing and supply chain management in MHA Int-Elect, allowing them to concentrate on their own core competencies.

PCB Division

MHA Int-Elect has been a leading supplier of PCBs to a global customer base for more than 10 years using our extensive knowledge and experience to outperform industry-held benchmarks for responsiveness, service and quality.

We offer bare boards from PTH to 42 layers, HDI (conventional and laser methodologies), flexible and flexi-rigid PCB's.

Similarily, we offer PCB Assembly in all technologies from conventional to BGA and micro-BGA.

We are able to offer extensive techincal adivce and guidelines (where required) on aspects such as design for manufacturability - or we can design the PCB for you.

With manufacturing partners in Europe, USA and Asia, we are able to offer a complete "One Stop Shop" solution to customers, supplying boards of all types - up to and including the most advanced technologies - in prototype, series production and mass production volumes.