Introduction to MHA Int-Elect

Cathodic Protection System

MHA Int-Elect is a leading electronics design house and manufacturing services company based in the North West

We have considerable experience in designing and delivering electronic products for many applications

They include:-
Industrial Control

Our customers vary from individual inventors and start-up companies, who may initially approach us with 'an idea', to sizeable blue-chip companies who are more likely to provide us with a definitive requirements specification.

In either case our Engineers will work closely with the customer to take the initial idea or requirement through to series production in carefully controlled stages

Your enquiry may be in any form, from a definitive technical specification to a verbal good idea

We prepare a Design Proposal and evaluate the hardware options in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, target costs and regulatory compliance considerations. You then receive a fixed price quotation for the design and preparation of a prototype for your evaluation.

We will also advise on the likely production costs for the volumes envisaged, timescales and the regulatory compliance.

Once the prototype is demonstrated to your satisfaction the design will be reviewed and the unit 'productionised' to make it suitable for series manufacturing, and regulatory compliance obtained.