Software Design

Integrated Development Environment

The majority of our developed hardware contains one or more microcontrollers depending on system complexity. We write all our microcontroller code in 'C' and where necessary in assembler code.

Laptops/desktops running in-house developed software are used to control and configure our hardware at prototype and production stages. This software is written in Visual C and/or Visual Basic.

Examples of software routines we have written for microcontrollers:
Bootloader to allow easy firmware upgrades.
SPI and I2C routines.
Flash and EEPROM memory management.
Interface to GSM, GPRS, GPS, Ethernet and Bluetooth engines.
Interface to Text and Graphical LCDs.

Recently, we have undertaken a number of designs that require data to be uploaded from our hardware to our clients computers. For this we have used FTP, Telnet and HTTP over GPRS and/or Ethernet. We have also used Telnet to allow remote configuration of hardware.

We also develop test software for use in-house and also during manufacture to allow a full PCB/system test to take place prior to the final code being downloaded to the microcontroller. Only then is product shipped to our client.