Case Study of Automotive Product: Ecomix Ltd

Picture of Ecomix ECU PCB Picture of Ecomix ECU enclosure

ECOMIX Ltd approached MHA to design and develop an ECU to control a revolutionary process to improve the efficiency of diesel engines. Diesel engines, though highly reliable, are inefficient; typically no more than 70% of the fuel is burnt in the engine, the remainder still burning as it leaves the exhaust system (witnessed by long plumes of black smoke!)

The introduction of a very small amount of LPG 7-15% by volume dramatically increases the thermal efficiency of the engine, resulting in a 95-97% combustion rate, with typical overall fuel savings of some 20%.

The ECU monitors a number of engine paramaters and calculates the amount of LPG to be injected. The ECU further modifies the LPG delivery to take into account the status of certain control systems in the vehicle.

The ECU uses a number of senors and software thresholds to monitor the LPG delivery system and is able to halt delivery should fault conditions be detected.

Bespoke windows software developed by MHA for Ecomix allows 'local' control and monitoring of the ECU via a USB connection. 'Remote' monitoring of the ECU status is also available using a GSM modem.

Ecomix are now selling and installing the product globally, with the Far East as well as Europe keen to take advantage of the financial and ecological benefits it offers.

MHA manages the manufacturing supply chain, supplying Ecomix with fully tested and ready to "plug in" boxes. Manufacture is currently in the UK, but MHA already has "primed" facilities in Malaysia in anticipation of ramp up in volumes.