MHA Int-Elect News

June 2010 - Agreement signed and New Appointment
MHA are delighted to announce that we have signed an agreement with Liverpool University to develop a sophisticated acoustic monitoring system utilising the University's Chromacity techniques. MHA will have responsibility for commercialisation and eventually taking the product to market.

Melanie Owen joins the company as Commercial Administrator.

April 2010 - New Appointment
Paul Johnson joins the company as electronics engineer.

Further release of ASMD production PCBs. We are now engaged in the design of sophisticated transmitters following which MHA will manage the full supply chain (PCB, procurement, asssembly and test)

December 2009 - MHA Lighting Ltd Established
We are delighted to announce the establishment of of MHA Lighting Ltd as a subsidiary company. MHA Int-Elect will operate as a supplier of Design Services and Electronics to MHA Lighting. Further information can be found at

November 2009 - Australia and Kuala Lumpur visit
Tom Harrison, Paul Starkey and Daniel Harrison will visit Australia and Malaysia from the 20th November for two weeks. During their stay they will be visiting our main customers across Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney to review our performance. Their visit also aims to strengthen current partnerships and formulate new ones, as our Australian operations continue to expand. In addition to this, they will be assessing developments for the new Brisbane office.

In Kuala Lumpur, they will visit long term ally K-One Technologies and visit the headquarters of Hexagon Holdings to evaluate areas of future collaboration on the Luminanz technology.

September 2009 - John Blackman makes a UK visit
John Blackman, our Australian Business Development manager, made an important visit to our UK headquarters. John was introduced to the new members of the MHA team and made visits to some of our UK manufacturing sites.

July 2009 - Two key appointments to the Management Team
John Blackman has jointed MHA as Business Development Manager for Australia. We are delighted to welcome John on board and feel sure he will make a significant contribution to our plans to increase our presence in the high technology electronics sector. John joins us from a major Defence subcontractor where he initially ran the quality department before becoming manufacturing manger. John has had many years in the high technology electronics industry including a 9 year stint with Wang Australia.

In the UK, John Greenwood joined the company as Product Manager Luminanz and is charged with creating a product range utilising this revolutionary technology. A mechanical designer by profession, John has many years experience in project and product management of high volume products at companies such as Jacuzzi. In his role with MHA he will lead the programme involving design for manufacture, CE marking, and product launch. Once again we are delighted to have a man of John's experience and capability take up such a key position.

June 2009 - Collaborative agreement signed with BAe Systems
MHA have signed up a collaborative agreement with BAe Systems for a development project involving the use of printed electronics. This technology involves the use of printing of conducted inks directly onto substrates rather than using conventional printed circuit boards and components.

May 2009 - Luminanz Limited grants MHA license
MHA has been granted a License by Luminanz Limited to design and develop a range of products utilising Luminanz' revolutionary LED lighting technology and thereafter to CE mark and take the products to market.

April 2009 - Successful visits to China and Australia
Tom Harrison and Paul Starkey visited manufacturing partners in China on the way to Australia to spend time with customers and follow up arrangements for the intended establishment of new premises early in 2010.

March 2009 - New Premesis
MHA have moved to a new premises situated in Atherton, Manchester. See contact page for address and contact details.

At the same time, we have decided upon a subtle change of the company name to MHA Int-Elect. Please note that this is purely a trading name and the legal entity remains MHA Integrated Electronic Services Ltd.

January 2009 - Paul Starkey
MHA-IES are pleased to welcome on board Paul Starkey. Paul joins as Quality Manager and brings with him 25 years experience in PCB manufacturing. He has held a range of senior positions in Quality, Front end engineering and Bare- board test at a number of highly respected PCB manufacturers. His appointment will further strengthen the MHA-IES management team.

September 2008 - Robert Finch
MHA has appointed Robert Finch as a Graduate Design Engineer.

August 2008 - Australia Trip
Having supplied the full range of PCBs in support of ANZAC, MHA completed a formal on-site review of progress to date. Tom Harrison also took the opportunity to re-visit customers in Australia and New Zealand.

July 2008 - Visit to Chinese Manufacturers
Tony Doggett completed on-site reviews of manufacturing partners in Shenzhen, China. Tony spent a week auditing three PCB fabricators and three Contract Manufacturing facilities, paying particular attention to new processes and capabilities added in the past year, before joining Tom in Christchurch for the first phase of visits to customers in New Zealand and then Australia.

June 2008 - Sue Holmes
MHA is delighted to have Susan Holmes join us as Marketing and Administration Manager. Sue, who has previous experience ranging from Defence/Aerospace to the Retail Sector, will play a key role supporting all areas of the company's operations.

June 2008 - Lightsource for fuel quality gauge achieves ATEX approval.
The lightsource, which has recently been awarded automotive approvals and CE marking, has now achieved ATEX approval for installation in zone zero explosive environments.

March 2008 - New Client
MHA have been invited by a leading Graphics LED Display manufacturer to partner in the development of modular graphic display systems, involving hardware, firmware and software design and development and subsequent product manufacture.

December 2007 - Lucie Blackman Trust launch BUDDYSAFE “SILENT SCREAM”
On 3 December 2007, the Lucie Blackman Trust launched the Buddysafe Silent Scream that was developed by MHA-IES as part of the Buddysafe range of security devices. A major media campaign saw Sky News and the BBC report the launch, along with many major newspapers.

December 2007 - What a whopper!
At the leading edge of printed circuit technology, the emphasis is usually on how to make them smaller, fitting more components ever more densely to miniaturise existing and new products. But the leading edge of PCB design and manufacture also goes in the other direction in specialist markets. MHA has recently supplied a highly complex multi-layer backplane nearly 4 feet long, and 5mm thick....

December 2007 - Brian Sibbald
It is with deep regret that we record the loss of Brian Sibbald, founder of Integrated Electronic Services, who passed away on Wednesday 5th December 2007. Brian's family request that any tributes should be in the form of donations to the Christie Hospital

October 2007 - Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill has joined MHA-IES to stregthen our embedded software development team. Andrew's key role will be the development of embedded software on the Atmel AVR and Cypress PSoC platforms. He also brings with him skills in Windows programming, PCB design and AutoCAD.

July 2007 - PCB delivery
MHA make first deliveries of production of PCBs in support of ANZAC production programme.........

April 2007 - ATSI Battery
ATSI have commissioned MHA-IES to design develop and supply telemetry systems to be linked to monitor their batteries. ATSI are an MOD preferred PSU solution and MHA's kit will monitor the relative state..........

February 2007 - Australian Defence contract won
MHA-IES awarded contract by leading Australian Defence contractor for the supply of leading edge PCB....

Having worked on this project for the past two and half years through various iterations of prototypes and assisting in the design for manufacture process MHA-IES has now been awarded the production contract, which should run from March this year to 2009.........

January 2007 - Telecoms PCB contract won
Tom Harrison and Steve Jones have spent the last two weeks of January in Australia, visiting customers in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.........

December 2006 - Five new investors join MHA-IES
Five new external investors brought fresh capital to the business allowing the Company to begin an expansion of its activities.

Three of the investors joined the board and they have brought considerable experience and knowledge to supplement the technical experience of the executive team. David McMahon, a Chartered Accountant by profession who has spent much of his career in financial services, has become Chairman. Tony Edwards, also a chartered accountant, has assisted greatly in the updating of financial and other procedures whilst Richard Harvey has been instrumental in introducing new marketing initiatives.

Managing Director Tom Harrison " the company is anticipating a period of sustained growth, and needs this investment - both financial and business expertise - to strengthen and underpin it..

November 2006 - Data Logger contract awarded
MHA-IES has been awarded a contract to design and develop a data logger by a leading data management systems company in the retail sector. This unit will store data for a period of weeks while being accessible remotely through GSM network or direct PC connection. The unit also raises alarms on receipt of specific data patterns.........

August 2006 - Buddysafe award further design work
Following the successful launch of Work Buddy and Best Buddy, Buddysafe have commissioned MHA-IES to design and develop an "in work place" personal protection system. The system will use RF technology plus GSM and GPRS.

Buddysafe also commissioned manufacture of a further 5,000 Work Buddy fobs..........

May 2006 - MHA deliver first 1,000 fobs to Buddysafe Ltd.
Following successful development and CE marking of the product MHA-IES laid down tooling in China for injection mouldings, PCBs and packaging and has supplied the first 1,000 units..........

April 2006 - ETCP commision further design work
ETCP have commissioned MHA-IES to develop further modules for ETCP's cathodic protection systems. These will provide ..........

January 2006 - Personal Security design contract won
MHA-IES is awarded contract to design and develop a personal security system involving a hand held key fob, Bluetooth technology, and WAP tracking via mobile phones..........

September 2005 - QineqiQ
MHA-IES is delighted to have been awarded preferred supplier status by QinetiQ..........

July 2005 - Liverpool University
MHA-IES is delighted to team up with Liverpool University on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership for the development of a fuel quality gauge for a leading..........

May 2005 - Novaplace Ltd
Novaplace Ltd, a leading supplier of chemical water treatments products, awarded MHA-IES a contract to design and develop an electrolysis based product for the suppression of..........

January 2005 - Tony Doggett
MHA-IES is delighted to announce the recruitment of Tony Doggett..........

November 2004 - ETCP
ETCP have awarded a contract to MHA-IES to develop a Master Control Unit (MCU) to operate its cathodic protection system. Market leader ETCP..........

September 2004 - Skitom UK Ltd
Skitom UK Ltd has selected MHA-IES to design and develop the ECU to control its exciting binary fuel system.

September 2004 - Howard Banks
MHA-IES is delighted to announce the recruitment of Howard Banks..........

July 2004 - MHA Logistics and Integrated Electronic Services merge to form MHA-IES Ltd.
This merger enables a new, stronger company to offer full product design development and manufacturing services as well as the specialist PCB design, fabrication and assembly to the market..........