Case Study of Consumer Product: Total Pond Solutions

Xterminator product Xterminator Packaging

The XTERMINATOR controls algae and blanket weed in garden ponds.

Ian Hamilton-Cooper, of Total Pond Solutions Ltd., read that electrolytic water treatment was used on the Space shuttle to prevent harmful microbial growth in the water cleaning and recycling systems. He wondered whether a similar technique could be developed to clean garden ponds!

We designed and developed an eay-to-use floating device which treats the water with 0.3 parts per million of copper ( considerably less than the WHO and US EPA limits for copper in drinking water), which is sufficient to prevent algae and blanket weed forming, but harmless to fish or amphibians.

The unit was designed, developed and approved to LVD (electrical safety) and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) standards.

The unit, being a high volume, "cost driven" high reliability consumer product is now manufactured through our Malaysian manufacturing partner.